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We believe your people are your largest asset, or liability, for accelerating digital transformation.  

MRaA.Solutions makes possible accelerated digital transformation effectiveness program ROI by accelerating adoption, and cultivating your platform for growth, an aligned and engaged learning organization. We are also passionate about maximizing the individuals/teams/organizations employee capabilities and skills and readying them for ever changing digital world.  Combining change effectiveness program with individualized development program provides further trust, loyalty and results.

Our Approach

We believe that your change effectiveness program can accelerate your digital transformation project or program of projects by aligning your people and processes around the new technologies revolutionizing our changing world.  Our programs begin with a comprehensive consult to help identify stakeholder gaps and opportunities, a comprehensive report that includes a plan with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and measurement criteria to insure you accelerate your ROI. We also offer quality products that will help you get there quickly and smoothly as a part of our change effectiveness program.  That’s how we ensure your success.

Why Us?

As business and management consultants, we have personally delivered superior change effectiveness and leadership development programs to individuals and groups at 70+ Fortune 500 firms: Aetna, American Express, AON, AT&T, Capital One, Charter Communications, Chubb, Citi, DIRECTV, Gamestop, International Paper, Jacobs, Kaiser Permanente, Kraft Foods, Mazda North America, Pearson Education -- Public and Private Learning Forums for Leadership Capability and Strategy Update/Enculturation, Culture Lift and Change Programs, PMO and Change PMO for Global Corporate Initiatives.

Case Studies / Client Kudos

Entertainment Giant

Sustained Quality Focus, process redesign and programmatic culture development acceleration enabled sustainment of program costs YoY.

Regional Law Firm

Kuzmich Law learned the passions of their people, reorganized around them to provided role enrichment and increased sustainable client acquisition.

Global Engineering Firm

Jacobs invested in employee engagement initiatives that resulted in an increase in organizational health and delivery of all major technical initiatives during major staff reductions.  See Popin case study for details.

Sven Gerjets - EVP/CTO Mattel, Inc.

I'm endorsing as a former customer of Michael Rochelle. Michael has a unique ability to translate business needs into technology solutions. He never over looks the importance of business processes in solving technical issues. Michael always focuses on the customers needs and is a true professional. 

Keith Thode - CEO and Chief Scientist AdvanceNet Labs

I have worked regularly with Michael Rochelle in my role as Chief Operating Officer of The Aidmatrix Foundation during Michael’s Account Leadership Role at Avanade.
His commitment to transparency, pursuing that which was truly in the best interest of our organization compelled us to base our relationship on “Partnership” rather than lowest cost criteria.  Though we are an extremely cost conscious organization, we understood that having Michael’s strategic leadership on our team provided us the ability to achieve our potential to deliver the maximum impact at the optimal investment levels. 

James Mahoney DO - DrJ LifeClick Integrated Medical Software

Mike has the ability to see the "big picture" and strategize in a very practical and powerful way. We've spent years developing wellness software and health strategies that have proven durable and effective in a very competitive and difficult business environment. With the assistance of his team, including his wife, Arlene, we've become a national presence in health and wellness. Brand recognition, thought leadership and strategic growth have all been supported through Mike's service to our health system at Dr.J Exceptional Medicine and LifeClick. 


AITP DFW's Public Senior Leadership Forum


How Do We Help You and Your Team Better Collaborate?

The 12 Virtues of Leadership learning model inverts your team, servant leadership, at every level, aligns strengths, overcomes weaknesses and misalignments to grow results.

What’s the Learning Process?

We meet in six 10am – 5pm classes, then join the aitp Chapter Meetings for networking keynote speakers and dinner.  Separated by one month for soak time, online testing towards certification and individual self-directed learning. This guides the individual manager and/or team to learn, change and grow infinitely towards a new way of collaborating that acknowledges everyone’s strengths, skills and roles to innovate together. Individual action plans are created in month one and enriched as the learning progresses. Each class includes a review from 9-10am of the entire 12 virtues model, so participants can join at any time.

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Go to www.aitpdfw.org for program guide and how to apply.

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